About Us

Naija Unimart Is both students’ and non-students’ retail customer online shopping center that offers products with no restrictions but touches various categories such as Phones, Computers, Clothing,fashion items for both men and women, Shoes, Home Appliances, electronics, Gadgets, Books, Healthcare, personal care, Baby Products, and as many as there are.

It is a platform that has been built to bring together different students’-sellers and students’-buyers from different Nigerian higher institutions, that is, it is a common ground where students, although not restricted to students alone, can buy and sell.
A platform that has the best interest of students at heart with no restriction and easily navigable.


With the advent of online shopping mall,it has become a very easy experience to do your shopping any where with just your phone as long as you are connected. Nigerian campuses is teaming with a lot of popualion (both students and non-students). These population has been seen to constantly seek a common ground that connects the various campuses where they can display their goods for patronize by customers. After a thorough research, we decided to come up this platform (Naija unimart) to bridge the gap and create a common ground where all or any Nigerian students who has one thing or the order to sell,so far it is legal, can do so.
Our prime purpose among others is to create a platform that enables students to make money while in school with no stress involved. Your only task is registering and getting your goods displayed on naija unimart and leave the rest to us.

Our Intra-school Delivery System

Delivery within a university campus. Naija Unimart is up to the task when it comes to getting your goods delivered to buyers (customer). Every vendor on our site has no task to do at all. We get you buyers and get your goods delivered to your buyers within the university of the purchase or outside around the university.

Our Inter school Delievery System

Delivery across universities. Getting your goods across the boarders and shores of your university has been made simple by our delivery network system that extends from one university to another. The sole reason for this is to give you an unlimited access to large number of buyers across universities in Nigeria.

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